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  Meet Hugh - Tour Guide

As a child, I was an asthmatic in pre Ventolin days and I took up cycling because a caring teacher realised it would be good for me.  He was right. It improved my breathing so much that I also ended up as a county cross country runner as well as an addicted cyclist.

I raced in Norfolk where I was at school and was well taught, but did not realise it at the time! I have lived in the Lake District, where I still go for my strength training. I just love those hills.

My bike cost me £15 and had full campag record with a flip flop wheel enabling me to ride fixie in Norfolk and 12 gears in the lakes.

But it is the Alps that now give me the most pleasure. I spend a lot of time making sure I am fit enough to ride within myself up those beautiful climbs. The Col de Madeleine is probably my favourite, up above the Isere valley. About 20 kms with a wonderful variety of scenery. Last year I stopped near the top to help a shepherd herd his small flock of sheep back into a field.

I enjoy passing on hints and tips to our clients. Seeing them after either a hard climb or an exhilarating descent and hearing all their comments takes me back! Sharing the best Alpine cycling and scenery gives me a real thrill. Our clients’ sheer pleasure and enjoyment as newcomers to the Alps is amazing.

Best of all? The descents, I just love them!


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