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  Meet Niamh - Head of operations

I am the most recent addition to Polka Dot having been brought into the business because, whilst the other Caldicotts are known for their abilities on a bike, I am known for making plans and seeing them through. I am here to introduce change; basically I am here to take things up a gear!

I originally studied acting and performing arts, so I am the right person to have around when there is a drama! However, I chose to do a different degree because of my aptitude for business, marketing and new technology. When I began my working life I was a sales generator, which suited me as I like to talk. I was quickly moved into other departments, to roles with more responsibility and challenges; handling logistics on a national level. I have also worked in marketing and recruitment, again I did a lot of talking.

As my role implies, I ensure everything “operates” properly, from making sure we have all the necessities covered, like getting our customers from the airport to the mountain, to making the alterations to the business that will keep us getting better and better. If something needs to get done, I’m the woman to make sure it does!

I am not a cyclist, just raised by one, but I am passionate and take great pride in what I do. I set myself big goals and high standards and I work relentlessly to achieve them … Must be a family thing.


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