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Cycling Tenerife - Winter & Spring Warm Weather Training Camps & Holidays

RAID Tenerife 2018 - Exclusive to Polka Dot Cycling

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 Meet Stuart - Founder/Tour Director

I started cycling at 25 after a football injury ended a promising future. I trained as PE teacher and out of all the sports I was involved in, it was cycling that really fired me up. The competitive spirit took over and I started racing at divisional level. I know what's like to win a race, but at the same time I share the passion for randonees as well having completed several Etape De Tours, including the infamous 1998 event when over half the field failed to finish. I am a real Tour de France aficionado. l have ridden all the First category and Hors category climbs of the Tour De France, many several times, without ever claiming to be a natural climber.  Ask me anything about a route, a race, a rider and I’m your man with the answers!

More recently I have been combining my passion for cycling and my first love of teaching, with coaching cycling, a perfect synergy. I have coached several top amateurs in the UK and I have helped many club cyclists start racing .I started running cycling holidays over 10 years ago and have helped many a rider crest their first mountain summit.

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