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Ride Smart in the Mountains

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What type of Cycling Holidays do we offer?


At Polka Dot Cycling Holidays we are passionate about road cycling. In the summer we specialise in holidays riding the climbs made famous by the Tour de France, Giro D'Italia and La Vuelta Espana.  In the winter/spring our focus is warm weather training weeks in Tenerife, the training location of many pros. Our strength is helping and supporting everyone to achieve new 'summits' whilst providing a relaxed holiday in stunning mountain scenery.


winter tenerife training camps


Have  you  ever  wondered  why  most  of  the  pro  teams  come  to Tenerife for their training camps?  The roads here are perfect for training; great surfaces, consistent climbs and numerous routes. Combine this with the dry winter weather consistently around 20˚C and the varied scenery to make a perfect training camp destination.

European cycling Holidays

March - september

French Alps and Pyrenees, Italian Dolomites and Alps and  Spanish Pyrenees and Picos. These are the most famous mountains in the world, seen every year in the Tour de France, Giro D'Italia and La Vuelta Espana. Our summer holidays focus on these famous climbs from introductory trips to challenging RAIDS we cover all the bases.

bespoke trips - Corporate or Friends

may - september

Are you a corporate group wanting to do a charity ride or a group of  friends not quite seen the holiday you are looking for?   Do you want to do an exclusive trip for your group? Why not design your own bespoke dream holiday?  We can design the route, help with training plans and then run the trip for you to your specifications and standards.      
















16 May


If you were new to Cycling what would you do first?  

This might seem an odd post this month since most people reading this blog started cycling several years ago, but it’s an interesting idea to reflect on and makes you think about whether you have everything covered.

How to put together a busy cycling season without falling apart

Willie McColl’s, what event didn’t he do this summer?! Before you know it you’ve booked to do 12 sportives, 4 cycling holidays and a couple of multi-day events, that are really races, sitting in your lounge in gloomy November.

What’s Everyone been up to over the summer?         

This month, while you are getting ready to think about next year, we thought write about what you’ve been up to. It’s been a very active year, with some great rides!

What’s been happening recently?

September is always a month for reflection on the summer season, what went well, what changed, what could we have done better? This got me thinking about what's been happening recently in Polka Dot in terms of the types of trips we are running.

Is an 8 Day Week Better Than a 7 Day Week?

How often can I do my hard sessions? What do I do if I am not recovering between sessions? What do I do if my form has plateaued?  


2 May


Training Tips to Improve Fatigue Resistance

How do you train to improve your fatigue resistance? What tips are there for improving your training plan? How does fatigue resistance training differ from normal training?   

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